Fashion Challenge of the Week

What better way to start off a new year than to THRIFT!!!  I’m sure that most of your New Year’s resolutions are to start saving money.  The love of fashion for a lot of us burns a lot of our cash so why not thrift.  I am all about thrifting.  You can save loads of money and you are able to basically find your self by recreating your own style by what you find in thrift stores.  If you have never thrifted a day in your life, start today and see what hidden treasures are in store at your local thrift store.  On Thursday, I will check up on you on my Facebook page ( where you can post your fabulous finds that you found at the thrift store.  Alrighty then,  good luck and have fun.

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Thrifting Thursdays:BCBG

Thrifting Thursdays:BCBG

As most of you already know, I LOVE Thrifting.  You can find AMAZING things in the Thrift Store for dirt cheap and I love it. Today I would like everyone to post their favorite Thrift Store find.  It doesn’t matter when … Continue reading

Thrifty Thursday: Transform a Thrifted Dress

Here is another photoshoot that I did with my litte brother.  I kew I wanted to take a picture in a full skirt but unfortunately I was not able to find one.  When I walked into my local goodwill, I was amazed when I saw this dress.  I like it because I wanted to show people how you can transform something so hideous into something so beautiful.  I simply cut the top off and made a full skirt.  Thanks to my brother, the photoshoot turned out awesome. I hope you all are inspired to not turn your nose up at all thrifted finds.  Turn it into something AMAZING!

My Personal Guide to Thrifting

My Personal Guide to Thrifting

1. Take Your Time Thrift Stores are a bit overwhelming to those that are new to this arena.  They aren’t as clean as your typical department stores, the lighting isn’t as bright, and isn’t as organized as most stores that … Continue reading

Featured Friday: Dime Piece on a Dime





Guess who’s being featured???  ME!  Head on over to where I have written my guide to Thrifting.  I have included pictures and tips to inspire those that are apprehensive to thrift and to those that love to thrift, to keep on thrifting.

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