Pom Poms


How fun is this midi skirt!? I love this freakin skirt! LOL! Some say it’s a party in a skirt. ūüôā¬†You can’t really tell from the photos, but the pink pom poms on the skirt stick out and gives the skirt a fun texture.¬† People always ask me “How long did it take you to sew all of those pom poms on there?” LOL!¬† I’ll never tell! ūüėȬ† This skirt is apart of my Limited Edition Collection from my line.¬† You can find it HERE.

I decided to go unexpected and pair this skirt with a light blue button up shirt.  And I loved playing with the contrasting print of the polka look of the skirt so I paired it with my favorite striped heels.  This is such a fun party look.  I definitely had fun wearing it.  Comment below and tell me what your ideal party look would be.

Yetunde Sarumi

Hi Everyone!!!! Yes I know, I know. I’ve been gone for way too long, but I’m back!¬† Can I just tell you how much I’ve missed blogging! So later on,¬†I will be writing a blog post about why I’ve been gone. But for those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram (@cheapbutchic) or any of my social media sites, I’ll tell you that I have been extremely busy launching my business. But again, that’s a different blog post. For now, I will be supporting my dear friend, Yetunde Sarumi.

Yetunde aka¬†Ye¬†is a fellow¬†DIY fashion blogger and¬†one of my business partners in our growing company, Pretty Girls Sew.¬† Ye launched her clothing line a few months ago and I cannot say enough good things¬†about it.¬† The prints are beautiful, it’s beautifully made, and it’s affordable.¬† When she launched her pieces for the Summer, I went crazy over her Summer jacket and knew I had to have it.
me¬†¬† There are so many ways you can style this jacket which I am beyond excited about, but today, I decided to style it as¬†my Sunday’s Best.¬† I styled my Yetunde Sarumi jacket with a¬†basic trumpet dress I made recently.¬† I decided to pair my jacket with a black dress because I wanted my jacket to be the center of attention.

You can shop this jacket as well as all other fashionably trendy items on Ye’s online store. Link is below.

Jacket: Yetunde Sarumi // Dress: DIY // Heels: JustFab // Lipstick: Sephora


So back in the Spring, I made an open back top that I absolutely fell in love with.¬† I loved it so much, that I wanted to make something similar to transition into the Fall. So. I drafted a pattern out of a top that I already owned and came up with this Origami top.¬† I vlogged my entire process¬†for a video that I will later post. It’s going to be titled “Behind the Scenes of a DIY Fashion Blogger”.¬† I wanted to show you my creative process, and you’ll see me drafting patterns and coming up with ideas for my blog and YouTube, but more info will come out once the video is out which will be in a few weeks.¬† I’ve¬†been doing quite well with the¬†consistency¬†of my¬†videos.¬† I have a video set for every week as of lately, so be sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet.


Enough with the side rambling.¬† So like I said, I drafted the pattern to make this top, but I will show you in how to make it with a pattern in a future tutorial which will be released in a bout 2 weeks. (Mark your calendars)¬† This is a loose fitting top.¬† I love the peek of skin on the lower back because it’s just enough.¬† If you are not a fan of showing skin at all, you can easily make this top a bit longer to where the cutout hits your bottom.
origamiThe fabric that I chose for this top is a sateen.¬† It has a small amount of stretch and it has a nice, satiny¬†finish.¬† For this top, you don’t necessarily need any stretch. You can make this top with 100% cotton if you like because of the open back, it allows for a lot of movement without the wrinkles.


origami5   origami81origami6origami91origami7 Top: DIY (Fabric purchased from JoAnn Fabrics)//Earrings: Zales// Necklace: Aldo// Pants: American Eagle// Purse: Marshalls// Rings: Charming Charlie// Wedding Band// White Heels: Charlotte Russe// Blue Heels: JustFab



¬†Have you ever walked into a thrift store and looked at something and think “Why would anyone purchase this?” LOL! I know I have…several times!!! Well, over on Pretty Girls Sew, we wanted to challenge you to think outside of the box and refashion a thrifted find.
thriftHere is what I picked up; A kelly green, drop-waisted dress with rusty, gold buttons. Doesn’t it just look so fabulous?! LOL! Not really.¬† Taking something old and turning it into something beautiful definitely tests your creativity, your sewing skills, and problem solving skills. Imagination is key! So I had sooooo many things in mind for this but it all fell through because of the small¬†amount of fabric that I was¬†working with.¬† This is where creativity and problem solving comes in. I literally had to take apart almost the entire dress.¬† I kept a portion of the front button section as is, but everything else had to go.
Here’s some notes on how I went about creating my finished piece.
1. I removed the sleeves, and bottom pleated skirt.
2. Using my bra as a guide, I created the top portion of the romper.
3. To create a nice and neat finish for the top, I cut out facings and neatly understitched it.
4. It took forever, but I ironed the pleats out of the skirt and turned it into shorts.
5. I really wanted pockets, but don’t have enough fabric so I made faux pockets. (LOL! Nope they aren’t real)
6. The waist was a tad large, but I didn’t want to take away any fabric because my hips are¬†wide, so I added 2 darts in the¬†back instead.
7. When hemming the shorts, I wanted the hem to be thick like most shorts are so that’s what I did.
8. I removed the old, gold buttons and added some nice rustic silver ones.
9. For the back, I created a drop back and added facing for a neat finish.
10. For the straps, I took the sleeves, and cut 1.5 inch strips. I stitched two together to make them long enough and stitched down the sides of each strap.  I made a total of four straps. I criss-crossed it across the back side of the romper attached it the front and side.



 bo9bo7bo5bo6Head piece: DIY (tutorial coming soon)// Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss #17// Romper: DIY// Kimono: TJ Maxx// Heels: Charlotte Russe


Keep it Short

So for the past¬†couple of years, matching shorts sets have been a definite trend that’s been seen everywhere; whether it’s on your favorite celebs, your favorite fashion bloggers, or just random people you see on the street.¬† So, I figured why not make one?¬† But of course, I had to wait until I found the perfect fabric to get the look that I was looking for. When this outfit what finished, I wanted it to be bold, bright, and fun.¬† I wanted¬†the shorts set¬†to be the image of what Summer style should¬†be; effortless, yet fashionable.
kisI’ve¬†always seen Ankara fabric on other fashion bloggers, but I’ve never seen it for myself in person.¬† So¬†while in New York,¬†I came across several stores that sold this type of fabric and one particular store had this one for $5/yd!¬† That’s crazy cheap right?! SOLD!!!¬†I bought a few yards and made this short set for myself and made a simple pillow case dress for my daughter that you can check out HERE if you haven’t seen it yet.
shortsetSo a lot of the shorts sets that I’ve seen were extremely short. If you can’t tell already, I’m quite conservative.¬† When I make clothes for myself, I keep in mind that first, I am a mom, and second, I am a married woman. I keep my sexiness very subtle. With that in mind, I kept the length of shorts decent enough to be able to go on an outing with my family and be able to still look chic¬†while being quite¬†comfortable.
kis4Let’s talk about the patterns. As you can probably already tell, this outfit was very easy to make.¬† I think each item took about 2-2.5 hours to complete. So a total of 4-5 hours for the entire look.¬† The instructions on both patterns were easy to follow and I didn’t need to make too many adjustments.¬†The only adjustment that I made was shortening the top so that it sits just above my hips. My hips are kind of wide, and I did not want my shirt pulled down tight around my hips or bunched up around my stomach area. I wanted the look to be nice and crisp.
kis3kis2CollageShorts Set: DIY// Earrings: NYC// Watch: TJ Maxx// Lipstick: Milani Uptown Muave//Black Heels: Target// Blue Heels (pictured in 1st pic): Forever21

What are your thoughts on matching shorts set? Do you already own one? Do you plan on making one?¬† Comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Savannah Adventures

Ok, so while in Savannah, I wanted to present a fresh and clean look that was easy to pull off and somewhat easy to wear since I had both my children.¬† Mind you, I said somewhat because I chose to wear white and you know if you have children, it’s hard to keep clean when chasing them around.¬† The lipstick that I used was the perfect accessory to my¬†overall look. It¬†gave my look a bit of a retro feel so I really liked that.¬†¬†I’m really into bright lips this season can you tell?

The lipstick that I used was the perfect accessory to my¬†overall look. It¬†gave my look a bit of a retro feel¬†that I really liked. It has a matte finish and it is quite drying, but if you moisturize your lips prior to putting it on, you’ll be fine.¬† And the best part is, it lasts all day.¬† It’s actually kind of¬†hard to clean off. ¬†I’m really into bright lips this season can you tell?

Sunnies: Target// Chambray Button up: Target// Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft// Sandals: Charlotte Russe// Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Lipstick:¬†MAC Relentlessly Red¬†// Nail Polish: Fresh Paint Alex’s Lemonade



So the trend continues with the All Over Print type of look and if you follow me on instagram (@cheapbutchic) you know I have been on roll with pushing out these types of looks lately.


So let me talk about the fabric.¬† The fabric that I have been gravitating towards lately is cotton.¬† Not alot of people sew clothes with this type of material typically, but I’ve been watching alot of designers step out the usual apparel fabric and experiement with different textiles.¬†Lately, I’ve seen quilted skirts made out of quitling fabric with the attached batting.¬† I’ve also seen a whole lot of neoprene.¬† Haven’t you?!¬† Once I get my hands on some that I actually like, I’m definitely making a skirt.¬† Anyhow, back to the subject at hand.¬† I purchased my fabric from Hancock Fabrics.¬† It was part of their value fabrics line so it was under, I think $5/yd.¬† I purchased two yards.¬† I love the watercolor effect that the print has. It’s so pretty.¬† The reason why I’ve been loving cotton fabrics is because there are more options for unique prints.¬† And this year, I am all for unique prints.

Now let’s talk design.¬† Just like the previous crop top in an older post, I made my own pattern for this crop top as well.¬† I PROMISE, I’ll have that tutorial to you guys soon.¬† I’m making a few tweaks here and there which is why it’s not out yet.¬† As for the skirt, I also did not use a pattern.¬† I wanted something bold, so this definitely worked for me.¬† I found a quick instructional on Pinterest and made this skirt within 2 hours.¬† It took a bit of math, but I got it done.¬† Here a few tutorials that you can check out. You can click any of the links below.¬† If you are a visual learner.¬† I’m quite behind, but I’m working on providing a tutorial for you.

By Hand London
Cotton and Curls

Here are some cotton print options that I thought would look great with this look.

fabric Collage

1- Amy Butler Lark Dreamer Gypsy Cobalt Blue
2- Amy Butler Hapi Glow Navy
3-Amy Butler Lark Glamour Chinese Lanterns Grass Green
Amy Butler Belle Coriander Blue
All of these fabrics are found on Fabric.com.¬† If you didn’t like these options, remember there are thousands of other options on the site.¬† Also, if you didn’t notice, Amy Bulter is one of my favorite fabric/textile designers.¬† Her work is impeccable. Allow me to remind you that fabric shopping is quite exciting and also addiction, so have fun!

Free Shipping on orders $35+

So here is the look pulled together
pleats3pleats2pleats1pleats5pleats4Thanks for stopping by. Comment below and let me know your favorite type of fabric to work wih this season.

Tartan, Tulle, & Bow Ties + Giveaway

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We sure did!  Did you all happen to send out Christmas cards this year?  I definitely wanted to go all out this year and boy did I work hard to pull it off!
xmascardI made mine and my daughter’s skirts. ¬†I made it out of satin and tulle. ¬†I also made a petticoat to wear underneath our skirts to give it that poofy look that I wanted. ¬†I also ended up making my son’s vest out of the popular print of this season; tartan. ¬†My brother helped me pull the look together for the males in our family by making us some bow ties which were also made with tartan.
tartanI decided to do a behind the scenes video of me making the clothes for the photo shoot.  I hope you all enjoy the video.  I listed the photos from our photo shoot below.  Hope you all have a happy holidays.

DSC_77251 DSC_78361 DSC_78531 DSC_79141 DSC_79301 DSC_79911*Giveaway winners are announced in the video.  Thank you to all of those that participated.

Fall Florals


This month over on Pretty Girls Sew (www.prettygirlssew.com) I chose this Cynthia Rowley pattern that I felt was so perfect for transitioning into the Fall season.
septThis dress took me a total of 6 hours to make. It’s not too difficult but I would not recommend it for a beginner.¬† The instructions were so difficult to follow.¬† They were all over the place.¬† The dress however, came out beautifully so I’m pretty happy with the result. Anyhow, sound off below and let me know what you think.
fall-leaves-treeget the lookSunglasses: Marshall’s
Dress Fabric: JoAnn Fabrics
Sam & Libby Booties: Target
Earrings: Thrift Store
Belt: Thrift Store

fall2pgs2fall3Thank you for stopping by. XOXO

DIY Recycled Mother’s Day Peplum Top

Hello Ladies and Gents!

So you may recognize the pattern below. It’s the same pattern that I used for my DIY Mother’s Day OOTD.¬† If you picked up the pattern you know, that it isn’t a peplum top and pencil skirt separated.¬† It’s an entire dress.¬† When I made it originally, I made a slight change to it.¬† Instead of making it a dress, I wanted to separate it so that I was able to wear this cute peplum top with different bottoms.¬† I wanted to be able to dress it up or down.¬† This wouldn’t be Cheap but Chic if I couldn’t make my clothing versatile right?
DSC_0049So I decided to pair my peplum top this time with a pair of polka dot skinny jeans.  I love this top as a separate because no matter what bottoms I wear, I will still look pulled together.  My style is expressed in the this top alone; classy, sophisticated, and feminine.
get the lookWhere I purchased my pattern: JoAnn Fabrics
Fabric Used:
Spring Shimmer Peach Linen
Where to purchase fabric:
JoAnn Fabrics
Charlotte Russe, Target
Charlotte Russe
DSC_0055edit DSC_0058edit DSC_0063edit DSC_0067editDSC_0070editHave you jumped on the Peplum Top bandwagon this year?  Are you going to?  Will you be making your own?  Please comment below and let me know. I would love to hear from you.  God Bless.