Sapphire Summer

So it’s halfway through the year. Time went by so fast. My business is officially 8 months today!  Looking back, I’ve worked my ass off and have learned so much about this business. Although wishing I’d gone to fashion school, I feel like what I’m doing now is the path I’m supposed to be going down.  Everything is falling into place and God has literally sent the most amazing people in my life that I would have never seen myself even meeting.

For several years, I prayed that God bless me with my dream job. I prayed for this but not knowing what I wanted my dream job to be.  I can truly say that the empire that I am building is the dream job that God dreamt for me.  I really wish that I could show you all everything that has happened from April 2013 until now.  To think that I’ve ONLY been sewing for 2 years and now own my clothing line that is already in a couple stores within the first year of my collection launching blows my mind.  I seriously cannot fathom all of this. I really wish I could take you all down memory lane to see all of the people that I’ve met that volunteered to help me because they believed in me and my brand.  These people aren’t just some airheads off the street either. These are some extremely smart people who I still cannot believe they were sent my way. God truly works in mysterious ways.  It makes me tear up just looking back at all that has happened and the things I know the future holds.  The project that I am working on now behind the scenes literally blows my mind. I cannot even believe that I’m even in the position to be doing it.  God is good. He is good to me.  If you want something bad enough, put in the work.  I hate reading, but I read about the business because I want to be successful.  I’m an introvert and hate being around a lot of people, but God has literally pushed me out there and I’ve have the most extraordinary people.  I hate public speaking, but with this business, that totally goes out the window. It’s all or nothing.  When you have to talk about yourself as a designer and talk about your collection, you have one shot. It’s all God though.  God made all of this possible. I give him all of the glory and all of the praise.


Tank: Old Navy
Midi Skirt: TJ Sewer
Heels: Just Fab

DIY Resort Style

Are you spending your summer on a resort or are you going to an party or an even near the water, this dress is perfect for that occasion. I absolutely LOVE this caftan dress. Why? Because it’s the top three things that I look for when I am making my clothes.

1.It’s extremely easy to make
2. It’s very comfortable
3. It’s stylish!

 I chose this type of fabric because I wanted the dress to be light and feel good on my skin.  I also wanted that bit of elegance with a dash of sassiness; hence the bold colors. I purchased the fabric at my local JoAnn’s.  I tried to find it online, but they didn’t have it, so check your local store.  I did find other options that I thought were just as beautiful and they have the same type of feel.
resortCollageIf you like any of these options, you can find them here.

Here the pattern that I used.  It’s New Look’s 0118.il_570xN_460507101_pkcrget the lookDSC_0034DSC_0061DSC_0089DSC_0044DSC_0099DSC_0119DSC_0100
Fabric: JoAnn Fabrics
Shoes: extremely old (LOL!)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Watch: Target

Hope that you all enjoy your week.  I absolutely love hearing from you guys so please comment below and let me know what you think of the dress.  God Bless! XOXO