So this month over on http://www.prettygirlssew.com, the challenge was to create a fascinator.  Sounds fab right?!  They were made popular being worn at the Kentucky Derby and most recently the quirky styles we’ve seen over in England.
fasTo be honest, I hate wearing anything on my head whether it’s a hat, beanie, or whatever. No matter what it is, I don’t like it.  But ofcourse, this year is all about stepping out of my comfort zone so I had to do it.  Over on http://www.prettygirlssew.com we suggested a pattern if you didn’t know how to go about making one on your own; Burda 7116.burdaI, on the other hand, did not use the pattern because for some reason I could not find this pattern for sale anywhere. So I kinda had to wing it.  As I was winging it, I created a step by step picture tutorial for you so that you can see what I did.  I think it came out ok.   I kinda felt like Lady Gaga. LOL!  Definitley send me a pic on Instagram (@CheapbutChic) or Facebook (CheapbutChic) if you have created one.

Premium Felt
Scissors or Rotary Cutter
Heavy Weight Crafting Fabric Stabilizer
Craft Glue or Sewing Machine
finalhatCollageWHAT I DID:
Step 1: Cut out strip for the bow
Step 2: Cut out Strip for middle of bow
Step 3: Determine size I want fascinator to be with stabilizer
Step 4: 2 circles from felt, 1 circle from stablizer. Cut slit halfway down center of all circles
Step 5: Sandwich circles together, stabilizer in center. Overlap slit and stitch or glue around edge.
Step 6: Create bow by folding over 3 even layers of bow strip, then take skinny strip and wrap around the middle.  Stitch or glue in place.
Step 7: Stitch or glue bow over the overlapped portion of the hat to hide imperfection. Done!
hat4To attach to your head, use fascinator pins or clips.  Not too difficult right?!

Have fun using different colors and thanks for stopping by! XOXO

2 thoughts on “Fascinator

    • Ha! I was hesitant on posting this because I wan’t too fond of this. I felt like I looked ridiculous. I hate anything on my head. LOL! Quite a few people liked it so I guess it worked out. Thank you!


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