2014 Color of the Year

2014 brings on HUGE changes.  I’m pretty excited about this year because I have so many things that are in the works.  Can’t really release any information yet, but you will know soon enough.

Anyhow, what perfect way to start off the new year than to post the color of the year?!  Besides black, Radiant Orchid is one of my favorite color.s
orchidSo one of New Year’s resolutions is to work with my mom more on sewing.  We haven’t had the best relationship earlier this year when I was learning how to sew.  She definitely would have been a big help but learning on my own gave me the strength to believe in myself and inspire others also.  Anyhow, if you don’t know my mom’s background and her skills in sewing, you MUST watch my Olive Pope Inspired Coat video.  I love my mommy.  I went to her and told her that I wanted to learn how to make my own pattern for a crop top and a high-waist skirt with a high slit  She is so freakin talented!!! She made me a pattern for a high-low crop top and sexy high-waist skirt.  I loved every bit of it.

Everything that she teaches me, I will be so glad to share.  Don’t worry guys.  I’ll share my mother’s wisdom. I won’t keep it to myself.  My mom and I will do collabs on my YouTube channel.  As you guys are learning to get better at sewing, I’ll be right there with you; learning how to get better at my craft.

ny3fabricinformationTop: Sequin Knit
Skirt: Cotton knit
Interfacing: Light-weight Apparel

Well, you all have a beautiful, safe, and exciting New Years.  Thank You so so much for your support this year.  You all truly mean a lot to me.  Take care.

5 thoughts on “2014 Color of the Year

  1. Very nice…and it’s nice to learn from Mom. My Mother still remembers some things on sewing (I’m older than you and my Mom is up in age) so I listen. She can spot certain things I have no clue on. 🙂


  2. Happy New Year! I came across your blog through Mccall’s FB page, and I am glad I did. Your top is beautiful, and your mom is obviously very talented.


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