Home for the Holidays Series

Home for the Holidays was started last year when I started YouTube.  It’s basically me showing you things that you can make at home to give away as gifts.  They are all inexpensive yet something that I would actually love to receive. In other words, gifts that are “Cheap but Chic”!
My home for the holidays series starts TODAY and will end December 17th.  Brand new videos will be posted every Tuesday.  So you are probably thinking what I may have in store huh?  Well, I’ll have gifts for everyone on your list, including co-workers and your neighbors.  I’ll also do a DIY on a holiday dress or maybe a coat inspired the beautiful Olivia Pope.  What do you guys think? It’s all about what you guys want so comment below and let me know.

Today I posted a video that you can gift to your sister, mother, or girlfriend.  Or like me, you can make them for yourself to keep you warm during the holidays.  Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t. I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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