DIY Peplum Top

Peplum tops are making a come back this year and OMG!!! Aren’t they pricey???  I have ran into a few that range from $10-$700.  $10 isn’t that bad, but the quality of the fabric may not be so great.  Poor Quality + Great Price= Not So Chic. I’m looking for Great Quality + Great Price=CHIC!

Since I have gotten into sewing I decided to make my own and the total cost of the top was under $5.  The best thing about making your own clothes is that it’s cheaper, you can customize it to your liking, and with the many options of fabric, your clothes will have a high end look with a cheap price tag.
389122_621488011214088_1140197253_nThis look that I created has a small price tag.  Not at all pricey. The top like I said was under $5 and the Ralph Lauren Floral Pants were $4.99. I purchased the nude heels from TJ Maxx a while ago. Not bad right?

Well today is your lucky day because I have posted an EASY DIY on YouTube channel on how you can create your peplum top. Have Fun!

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