100 Subscribers Giveaway

Rules for Giveaway:
1. To be eligible to win, you must invite 3 friends to “LIKE” my Facebook blog www.facebook.com/CheapbutChic.
2. They MUST post on my Facebook wall stating who sent them (example: Tabitha sent me) This is the way that your name will be entered into the drawing.
3. You must Subscribe to my NEW blog www.cheapbutchicblog.com
4. NOTE: Winner that is chosen must be subscribed to my blog and Facebook.
5. Contest Ends when Official Blog (www.cheapbutchicblog.com) reaches 100 subscribers.
6. Good Luck and thanks for participating.

8 thoughts on “100 Subscribers Giveaway

  1. hey,I asked my three friends v.i.z
    Sancharini Basu
    Ahana Kundu
    Numero Uno
    to like ur page and comment for me 🙂
    Please let me know if they commented on the correct page and whether I liked the correct facebook page?My name on facebook is Leena Bhadra


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